Directional drilling

The offer includes a comprehensive implementation of trenchless crossing under various terrain obstacles:
• roads,
• rivers
• forest areas,
• In highly urbanized areas,
• in areas with high ground water level

Building pipeline in horizontal drilling technology is performed three successive stages:
– Drilling a pilot with the possibility of control.
– Boring and stabilization of the hole.
– Dragging the pipeline.

Advantages of application of horizontal drilling technology:

– Avoidance of restriction of movement at the crossing routes, runways at the airports,
– Elimination of affecting riverbanks and flood embankments,
– Minimal interference in the environment,
– Sometimes it is the only method for laying of underground installations, it requires no access to the area under which drilling is run. This is particularly important in highly urbanized areas, major road junctions, protected green areas and infrastructure in saturated industrial areas,
– Using trenchless technology is not necessary to carry out often very costly surface regeneration (as with traditional methods),
– No need for digging drainage trench,
– Short drilling time.

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